Credit Cards - Gold - Platinum

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Balance Transfer Purchases
APR Typical
American Express Platinum . n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 18.9 % Earn up to 5% Cashback apply now

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NatWest Black Credit Card . n/a n/a 2.90% n/a n/a 51.8 % Available to customers with an income of 75,000. apply now

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Credit Cards - Platinum

The interest rates on platinum cards and gold cards are in essence, similar to the rates and balance transfer deals that standard cards offer. However for a platinum credit gold card you generally need to have a high level of income to qualify, although a good credit rating can also be sufficient to have your application accepted.

If you wish to ascertain your actual credit rating you can request a report from certain organisations and it is considered good practice to do this on a annual basis to ensure all is well and that your details are not being fraudulently used to gain credit elsewhere. Your credit rating is linked to your name and the address you currently reside at. Providing you have always paid bills on time, paid over the minimum recommended payment and have no CCJS, then there is a likelihood that you have a good credit score and thus qualify for a platinum card or a gold card.

An additional benefit to a platinum card, gold card, or premium credit card is the facility to withdraw more cash daily and the credit limit tends to be significantly higher than with standard credit cards and some lenders offer other reward schemes as an incentive to spend more on their card.