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ACF Car Finance
All cars undergo a 136 point vehicle quality inspection by trained professionals
44.9 % n/a £350 £1000 n/a apply now

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Welcome Car Finance
136 point quality + safety check. All cars with 12 months MOT. 7 days FREE insurance.
19.9 % n/a £0 £1000 n/a apply now

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Netcars could provide you with the credit to get the car of your choice.
7.9 % £2000 n/a n/a 100000+ apply now

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Loans - Car Finance

Car finance or car loan if you prefer, is a simple personal loan that you can take out in order for you to purchase a car or vehicle. You will then pay back monthly installments at a typical set APR loan amount until the loan is fully repaid.

In many peoples eyes, cars are a simple way to go from one place to another and are an essential part of modern life. When you look at getting a new car, whether it be upgrading or buying new, it is a happy time and next to a house is the most expensive item you will own. If you dont have the cash to pay for the car, then car finance or a car loan may be needed in order to help you facilitate the purchase of the car. You take the money out much as you would with a personal loan and pay it back over a set period with a certain amount of interest being charged upon that amount.

You shouldnt be fooled by a flashy sales pitch when it comes to buying a car and dont settle on a car that is unpractical for you to use and instead make a decision on what you really need. For example dont buy a 2 seat sports car if you have children and not to fit in car seats! With very quick decision times (usually a few hours), cashback and great trade ins on your current car along with full MOTs and road tax incentives, there are lots of benefits associated to different money lenders in this market. You will need to see what is important to you and look at all the factors involved before deciding which one to choose.

Credit problems can make things like buying a car hard to do but dont worry, many money lenders will still consider you for car finance if you have a poor or adverse credit rating, no matter your circumstances, even if you have arrears, CCJs, bankruptcy and are self employed. Lenders such as Welcome Car Finance and U Can Car Credit offer car loans no matter your personal circumstances and even have a pool of cars you can choose from.