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Logbook Loans
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£500 £50000 24 hours apply now

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Easy Money Solutions Logbook Loans
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V5 Loans
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Logbook Loans

A logbook loan is a personal loan that is a secured against your car by using the vehicles logbook as collateral and any UK resident who possesses a registered logbook can apply for this loan. The amount that can be borrowed with a logbook loan typically vary between 500-50,000 and you only have to give the lender your logbook, which means you are free to drive your car as normal without any constraints. There are however, some important factors to be considered when applying for a logbook loan.

Firstly, you need to be in full-time employment with a steady regular income and proof of this will be requested. Your vehicle should ideally be less than eight years old and you will have to produce all the necessary documentation to prove that you own the vehicle. A vehicle that is in good condition will also work in your favour as not only will it significantly increase your chance of obtaining a loan, but also the amount you can borrow. The vehicle must be paid for with no outstanding finance or repayments and ensure that you have taxed and insured the vehicle for the lenders piece of mind.

Logbook loans have several distinct advantages to other loan types. You do not have the lengthy delays with valuation checks on your collateral and you can quickly obtain the funds. There is also no credit checks with a logbook loan which means that people who have a poor credit rating through bankruptcy or CCJs can easily apply. This makes a logbook loan an ideal choice for people who desperately need to get hold of cash to help with financial predicaments or for those who have been refused loans in the past.