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11.9 % £3000 £100000 Secured apply now

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APR Typical of 7.7% dependent on criteria.
7.7 % £5000 £75000 Unsecured apply now

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AA Loans . 8.1 % £7000 £25000 Unsecured apply now

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Halifax Loans . 8.6 % £1000 £25000 Unsecured apply now

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Bank of Scotland Loans . 8.6 % £1000 £25000 Unsecured apply now

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Loans - Top 10 Deals

Loans are a great way to get what you need in a hurry, but countless people all over the United Kingdom have fallen into the trap of borrowing money from companies that have set the interest rates much too much, in order to maximize their own profits. This process has led to a great deal of consumer debt, which is having a negative effect on the economy, since there is less disposable income available for the average person. Mortgages also fall under the category of Loans and many people have taken on mortgages that they could not afford to pay, thinking that their financial situations would improve drastically in the future, which would give them the income that they needed to make their payments. Because of all of the problems that are associated with Loans, many people are staying away from them, but they still have a place in society and can be very beneficial if they are handled the right way.

For example, car Loans are a great way to get a new or used vehicle in a hurry, even if you do not have enough money to make the purchase outright. Vehicle Loans can work in your favour if you do not set your sights too high. Make sure that these payments do not come out of your bank account on the same day as your mortgage or rental payments, as this can lead to you defaulting. It is much easier to pay off your Loans if you have them staggered over the course of the month, so be careful when choosing the dates on which you want to make your payments.

Loans are a part of our society to stay and we should be glad that we can buy things on credit because in many underdeveloped countries, this is not possible at all. At the same time, we must be responsible with our Loans, so that we do not end up swimming in debt because of payments that we cannot make.