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APR Typical
Min Loan Amount
Max Loan Amount
Min Loan Period
Max Loan Period
Alliance & Leicester . 8.0 % £7500 £15000 12 months 60 months apply now

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Great low APR rate, subject to requirements.
7.7 % 3000 25000 1 year 7 years apply now

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APR Typical of 7.7% dependent on criteria.
7.7 % 5000 75000 5 years 25 years apply now

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AA Loans . 8.1 % £7000 £25000 12 months 84 months apply now

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Halifax Loans . 8.6 % £7000 £15000 12 months 84 months apply now

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Bank of Scotland Loans . 8.6 % £7000 £15000 12 months 84 months apply now

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Loans - Good Credit Personal Loans

An Unsecured loan is a loan that often comes with a lower borrowing limit and a higher rate of interest than a secured loan. This is due to the fact that you do not have to secure any collateral such as your home against the unsecured loan which means greater risk to the lender.

Having a good credit rating can make you a money lendersí ideal candidate because it shows that you pay your bills promptly and on time without defaulting and suggests there is a very realistic chance the unsecured loan be repaid in full come the end of its term. You can also obtain better rates of interest when your credit rating is in good shape as you are considered a safe bet in the eyes of the lenders.

Many people are unaware of the fact that your credit score can literally determine where you live and even the car that you drive. If you have been declared bankrupt, regularly pay your bills late, have CCJs, missed repayment dates and have been refused finance then there is a very good chance that you will have a poor credit score. As a result any application for a mortgage, car and even a TV can be refused. The reason for this is that lenders, when assessing your submission will judge you to be of very high risk and far more likely to default on repayments.

If you are organized financially and live within your means, then an unsecured loan maybe your ideal choice.