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Yes Loans . 48.0 % 500 25000 12 months 60 months apply now

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Real Personal Finance
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72.9 % 750 6000 12 Months 36 Months apply now

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Loans - Adverse Credit Personal Loans

A bad credit unsecured loan is ideal for people who have a poor credit rating and are often used for debt consolidation. You need no collateral to qualify for this loan, just proof of your current income.

This type of loan comes with a high rate of interest to the lender because there is a significantly greater risk of defaulting on monthly payments and not paying off the loan amount in full. A Bad credit rating tends to stem from CCJs, a poor credit score and particularly bankruptcy.

Bad credit unsecured loans are often used for debt consolidation, holidays, home improvements or a new car. Our database contains a list of sub-prime money lenders who specialise in this field and understand the hurdles you face when applying for a loan. Rest assured, not matter how bad your circumstances are we will have the right bad credit unsecured loan for you.