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Interest - Typical AER
Free Banking Duration
Alliance and Leicester Business Banking . 0.25 % Unlimited FREE and UNLIMITED day to day banking. Earn 0.25% AER (variable), 0.25% gross (variable) on your whole balance. apply now

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Alliance & Leicester Business Builder Current Account
2 years FREE and UNLIMITED day-to-day banking.
0.0 % 24 Months Unrivalled access and convenience. FREE online start-up advice. FREE legal and tax advice. apply now

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Lloyds TSB New Business Account . 0.0 % 18 Months Lloyds TSB can arrange an interest free overdraft while your account is being moved of up to £5,000. apply now

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Lloyds TSB Business Account
Mobile updates on your account balance via our Text alerts service.
0.0 % 6 Months Support from your own relationship manager. Access to the largest branch network of any UK bank. apply now

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Money - Business Accounts

Business Accounts are absolutely necessary for any small business owner because without these accounts, you could end up paying much more than you need to for your banking needs. This is because personal accounts have different features than Business Accounts, as most personal banking accounts do not require an individual to do daily banking. In addition, the two different types of account offer different types of insurance and different features, so you should definitely take a look around the internet in order to see what each type of account will offer you. Banking has evolved considerably in recent years, as people now expect to have unlimited access to all of their accountís features at all hours of the day or night, so make sure that your Business Accounts gives you this type of access. If your current account is not giving you enough, it might be time to explore alternative options.

Many Business Accounts include special options, such as help with running your business and access to an accountant. These resources are extremely valuable for anyone who is running a business because one small slip up can cost you a great deal. Business Accounts will prevent this from ever becoming an issue, as you will be able to keep all of your finances up to date at all time and will have professionals look over your books in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Business Accounts give you all of this flexibility and many of these features are not available through standard accounts, making these accounts the only way to get everything you need to run your business properly.

You can now sign up for Business Accounts online, making it easier than ever before you to get the help that you need. If you are interested in signing up for any Business Accounts, make sure that you compare the various accounts and see what each bank is prepared to do for you.