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About My Internet Pass

My Internet Pass

My Internet Pass is a cheap and easy way to get internet access with no subscriptions, no hidden fees, and no monthly bills. Great for the people who only use the Internet once in a while or who don\'t want the hassle of contracts, My Internet Pass is a simple concept that is now available in the UK. It is similar to prepaid telephone cards but with My Internet Pass you can get instant access to search all your favorite websites for only one low fee that you pay.

My Internet Pass is perfect for the people who like to \"pay as they go\" and for those that don\'t always surf the internet for the same amount of time each month. They offer two different packages, each for £10 each. There is the average user package which allows you to surf everyday for 30 days for the one low price. It automatically switches off after 30 days or you can renew it for still only £10. Then there is the Light User package that gives you 2000 minutes (34 hours) of internet access that you can use anytime in a 3 month time period. My Internet Pass can be used from any computer with your specific user name and password so that even on the go you can log on and start surfing.

My Internet Pass is safe, secure and most of all, hassle free. In the end, these are important factors to any person who makes regular use of the Internet and needs to make payments of different types along the way. You will be happy that you are joining others when it comes to becoming a part of everything that there is to offer through My Internet Pass. My Internet Pass will be an exceptional decision for you on many different levels.

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