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Sky Digital . £16.50 Sky TV and Sky+, Free Sky Broadband, Free Sky Talk
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Setanta Sports . £12.99 Barclays Premiership, England Internationals, The FA Cup
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Virgin Media . £19.50 Over 145 Channels, Free Setanta, Pause & Rewind Live TV
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Tiscali . £19.99 1,000+ programmes, Multi Recording, All-in-one Internet
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Sky Digital HD . £26.25 Sky+ HD Box 49, Free Install, 1 Month HD Pack Free, 31 HD Channels
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BT Vision . £20.00 Gold Entertainment Pack, Free Setanta, Free V-box
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Other - Digital TV

Digital TV is now the way that most of the world broadcasts and if you have not already switched over to this format, now is the time. The most common ways of receiving Digital TV are through digital cable boxes and satellites dishes. The reason why this change was implemented was because digital signals take up far less bandwidth than analog signals and, therefore, more channels can be broadcast through a single digital signal. This leftover bandwidth is used for things like internet connections, high definition television channels, phone lines, and anything else that television companies are now offering. There is also less interference to these signals, so that you can expect a clearer picture when watching Digital TV.

Remember that not all Digital TV companies are the same, as they will not have the same levels of service, nor will they all offer the exact same channels. If you have your heart set on a certain channel, make sure that you new provider carries that channel before you sign a contract of any sort. Also, Digital TV is usually more expensive than traditional cable, so be prepared to cover these extra costs, even though they are usually pretty minimal. Countries all over the world are switching away from the analog systems that you would use on old televisions with antennas and into this new method of viewing television. If you do not have digital cable or a satellite dish, you will have to pick up a Digital TV converter box in order to continue to use your old television.

As the times change, you can expect Digital TV to expand even more, as they will continually develop new ways to make television viewing more enjoyable. If you have not already done so, pick yourself up a Digital TV and a digital cable package because there is always something to watch, at any time of the day or night.